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Grega Laura   
nedelja, 06 november 2005

Posredujem en dober odgovor na zgornje vprašanje:

  • Cause it's a drop-dead GORGEOUS car.
  • Cause no matter where I go, when I go "I drive the Saab" people go "oh, really? and then they smile.
  • Cause when I come home late at night the sound of the vault doors echoes down the street.
  • Cause every single time I pull away the spooling of the turbo makes me smile.
  • Cause people go " mm, nice, now THAT'S an ashtray!!" when I open the green-lit cavern in the dash.

  • Cause out of the blue people complement me what a nice car it is to be in, or how good the seats are.
  • Cause my friend driving a '99 BMW 3 series thinks my dash looks ace and asked me to change his accordingly (green lighting etc)
  • Cause I hit a off-ramp rail at 60 miles an hour and got of with minor damage to the car. Try that with a Polo.
  • Cause it handles like it's on rails.
  • Cause the girl can heat up at a Swedish rate, while I can keep my cool with the middle vents blazing and all...
  • Cause people go when I pop the hood.
  • Cause there's enough room for two people to sleep in the back.
  • Cause I'm the only one with butt-cheek heaters. If girls love one thing, it's butt-cheek heaters let me tell you.
  • Cause the knobs go "psshhh" when you switch them, and feel great while at it. Oh and people go when you do that.
  • Cause I can actually see around the corner without having to look around some bulbous plastic pillar.
  • Cause chicks dig wrap-around windscreens and clamshell hoods.
  • Cause I can actually place things ON my dash, and not some rediculous "compartment" like modern cars. And when I take a corner a bit fast, things just slide round the windscreen and drop down EXACTLY in the door pockets!! Really! It's like I never have to take anything of the dash! I just put things on, and when I get home they're all in the doors.
  • Cause I don't don't need TCS, ESP, BAS, GPS, whatever.
  • Cause it's one of the only cars I've ever been in which actually has beautiful doors.
  • Cause people don't believe me when I put the key in between the seats. Oh and then they go
  • Cause it sounds SOOOOOOO good.
  • Cause in all the time I had them, they only failed on me ONCE, and that was with a worn regulator. +30° or -10°, crank, start, pull away.
  • Cause it's BUCKETloads of car for the price.
  • Cause it outperforms, outloads, outlooks, outprices, outspaces ANY of my friends more recent, more expensive cars. People usually go when that brand new A3 or Golf V disappears in the mirror when entering the highway.
  • Cause when I drive home on the highway at night, I look around in the interior and over the hood. And everything, just everything is just where it's supposed to be. It makes me smile you know, time and time again.

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