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9-5 2.3T in td04 - 10.06.20 09:48 Zaradi spremembe planov prodam 9-5 2.3t, l.98 , zdrav motor, brez napak, nova sklopka, in turbino td04, avto je bil namenjen za noobtune projekt. (A remap on its own will take the stock 2.3t from 185hp and 280nm of torque to 235hp and 380nm of torque (they really are that limited in stock tune).
It's unusual for fuel consumption to get worse, it usually gets better after a remap.

A B235E with a TD04 fitted can be mapped to 275hp and 420nm

It's getting up there, i probably wouldn't want to go beyond 275/420 but if the engine is healthy then i've done loads of stage 1 Aeros at that sort of mileage and it's the same engine.

It costs £90 in person or £95 by post** on your ecu (you send me the ecu) or a spare if you have one, or i can supply a remapped plug and play spare ECU for £125** with £20 refunded on return of the old one if you wish. I'm in Long Eaton near Nottingham and do them on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in the week and on Saturdays. Posting is fine pretty much any time though.Karl.
Kaj več si lahko preberete na noobtue strani...

( , zamenjate turbino ,karl naredi ecu in dobite 265hp sleeperja.

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