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Latvia SAAB Club Meeting - 13.04.08 12:38 Dear SAAB friends,

We invite all SAAB enthusiasts from around the world to take part in the 26th International SAAB Club Meeting, on 8,9, and 10 August 2008, in the Cesis district of Latvia.

This year is very important for us because the Latvian SAAB Club has its 10th Anniversary.

Our main idea is to meet SAAB friends in a large camping place where all SAAB enthusiasts can spend an interesting and rewarding time together.

And, as we see SAAB cars not only as a cult objects, but also as cars for active people, the meeting will be at the camping place Mezrozes, Cesu district. Mezrozes is situated 100 km north-east from the capital Riga and 15 km from the town Cesis.

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Best regards
Valts Ceplevics
SAAB club Latvia
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Re:Latvia SAAB Club Meeting - 14.04.08 01:06 Ko ne bi bila Latvia tako daleč
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